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Prenatal University

The Chicago New Moms Group is proud to be a part of an incredible new program for families in the Chicago suburbs!  This innovative new concept in childbirth education designed to support women throughout their pregnancy, birth experience, and parenthood.   Prenatal University serves as a central resource for all kinds of  information about pregnancy, motherhood and parenting. … Continue Reading

For better or for worse

For the purposes of this post, most relationships will be characterized as marriages, however, by no means do I believe it is necessary to be married in order to raise a child.  It only takes two people who care about and respect each other and who are dedicated to caring for and loving the baby.… Continue Reading

Before I had kids, I…

I found myself doing something the other day that I realized I hadn’t had done in nearly six years, since my daughter was born: I ironed one of my husband’s shirts. I basically have a policy regarding ironing that goes something like this:  I don’t iron.  It occurred to me though that I used to… Continue Reading

Being a mom is hard enough

I think it is safe to say that being a mom is a very difficult job.  Truthfully, it is not really just one job.  It is many. Even if you are gainfully employed in the world outside your home, you still have many jobs at home as they relate to your child/children.  Typically, many of… Continue Reading

Finding Balance

In 2005, right before my daughter was born, Hurricane Katrina virtually wiped out the city of New Orleans, leaving countless families homeless.  I was really only vaguely aware of this catastrophe because as this was all taking place, I was being put on bed rest for high blood pressure, being told I had to have my labor… Continue Reading