1.  What do I bring to the group?

Yourself, your baby, and a baby blanket if you think your baby might enjoy the view from laying on the ground.

2.  What topics are discussed in the group?

A list of some of the discussion topics can be found here.

3.  Do I need to take notes?

No.  I send out a follow up email after each session with any information that you might want to look into on your own.

4. Can I bring my mother or mother in law (sister, friend, etc.) along to the group?

The group is a confidential setting so each session is open to the registered participants.  You can suggest that she go for coffee while you attend the group.  There is also a couch in the lobby area at Kidville where she can wait.

5. Can I feed, burp, change my baby in the room?


6. What do I do if my baby cries?

All babies cry.  Your baby sounds the loudest to you so don’t worry.  Everyone will have a turn when it is their baby crying in group at some point.  Learning how to soothe your baby outside the comfort of your own home is one of the challenges we face as moms.  The group is a nonjudgemental and safe environment where you can practice this skill.

7.  How big are the groups?

There are never more then 13 moms registered for each session.  The groups are kept small in order for each participant to have the opportunity to be an active part of the group and ask questions.

8.  What do I do if I still have questions?

Feel free to contact Linda either by phone at (773) 340-BABY (2229), email info@chicagonewmomsgroup.com or through the Contact link and submit a question through the website.