about linda

Linda Szmulewitz is a licensed clinical social worker, a certified Gentle Sleep Coach, a trained postpartum doula, and the mother of two children. After her daughter was born, now over 9 years ago, she participated in a new moms group when she was living in New York City.  To this day, she still tells people that the group saved her sanity.  Each week she looked forward to the incentive to take a shower, get dressed, get out of the house, meet other moms, socialize, laugh and learn.  Since then, she has focused her practice on working with women immediately following the birth of their children and beyond.  Through her extensive work facilitating groups, she has seen firsthand the immeasurable benefits that come from the group setting whereby new moms share experiences and learn from each other as well as from formal parenting education and resources.  Linda has a passion for helping women cope with the wide range of emotions that accompany parenthood and particularly new parenthood.


In addition, Linda has worked with countless families around the issue of infant sleep as a child sleep consultant through her child sleep consulting company Sleep Tight Consultants.  She brings her expertise as a child sleep consultant to help moms learn how to create healthy sleep habits for their babies as well as helping moms understand the way that child development plays a role in infant sleep.  She is certified as a Gentle Sleep Coach through Kim West (aka The Sleep Lady) which included over 80 hours of training as well as ongoing clinical supervision in order to broaden her range of tools and techniques used to work with families to create individualized plans to improve their children’s sleep.










Educational background:

Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies from Tufts University, Medford, MA

Master’s degree in Social Work from the Jane Addams School of Social Work at The University of Illinois at Chicago

Trained by DONA International as a Postpartum Doula

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Infant Mental Health Certification

Graduate of Wonder Weeks Academy for Professionals