A mother’s instincts

I think one of the most common misconceptions about becoming a mom is that you will instinctually know what to do the minute you give birth to your baby or hold her in your arms for the first time.  Unfortunately, I find that more often then not, the opposite is actually true, but because we… Continue Reading

New mom winter survival tips

If you have a new baby in Chicago during the winter of 2014, you are likely to be experiencing the true meaning of cabin fever.  Days spent strolling through the Chicago streets or along the lake front with your baby seems like a luxury when temperatures are so cold that going outside can put your… Continue Reading

New Year, New You with Dream Dinners

Of the many challenges of parenthood, one of the biggest adjustments I found with becoming a mom was time management.  Sure, having a baby and learning how to care for and raise a child is hard work and requires persistence and flexibility (among other skills), but the ability to get things accomplished in a timely… Continue Reading

So much mom guilt, so little time

Lately, I feel like guilt is all around us.  I hear it from moms in the groups I run and from the tired families I consult with, and I feel it myself.  What are we all feeling guilty about?  From new moms I hear:  I feel guilty because…I am going back to work, I’m not… Continue Reading

Postpartum depression: Please get help

Have you had a baby in the last year?  Do you find yourself becoming easily overwhelmed?  Does the smallest little thing make you feel like crying?  Do you feel anxious about little details?  Have your lost your appetite or feel like you are overeating (not as it is related to increased hunger from breastfeeding)?  Does… Continue Reading