weekly discussion topics

Each of the week of the 6 weeks sessions has a different discussion topic.  At the first week, you will be given a schedule of when each topic will be discussed.  Below are some examples of weekly discussion topics.

Baby feet in the mother hands● Personal stories.  How did you get to this particular place in time?

● Changes in lifestyle and relationships (with partner, friends and family) since becoming a new parent

● Emotions associated with new motherhood, your relationship with your baby, expectations of oneself as a new mom

● Breastfeeding support, education and resources

● Navigating the learning curve of new parenthood and coping with day to day challenges.  Finding your identity as a parent.

● Temperament and play

● Introducing solid feeding.  When to start?  How to start?  Where to get answers.

● Questions related to developmental issues

● Traveling with your baby.  Tips and challenges.

● Eating, sleeping and crying:  Understanding your baby’s cues

● Body image, will your body ever look like it did prepregnancy?  How to get there.

● Returning to work or staying at home?  Balancing personal and professional options.

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