about the chicago new moms group

January 2012 participants of The Chicago New Moms Group
January 2012 participants of The Chicago New Moms Group

The New Chicago Moms Group is a professionally led education and peer support program for new moms of babies ages birth to 6 months old.  It is an opportunity to come together to discuss the ups and downs of being a brand new, first time mother in a supportive and nurturing environment.  The group provides a safe and non judgmental space for women to learn through the group discussions, share experiences, exchange information and gain support during an adjustment stage that can be a complex combinations of excitement and anxiety.  If this sounds like something that would make your transition to motherhood a bit smoother, please click here.

Why do you need a group like this?

In other parts of the world, new mothers are surrounded and assisted by other women who help and share their knowledge. However, in our contemporary society, traditional support systems, including extended family, are less available. Thus, new mothers may find themselves alone, or relying on a partner who is also a new parent.  Among mental health professionals, it is a well-known fact that socially supportive relationships are a cornerstone of a healthy, functioning family. Parents benefit from relationships that offer valuable resources and informationmodel positive parenting, and provide stability and an emotional outlet.  New mothers groups can help in establishing this vital community of support.

In addition to providing the professional educational support that this group offers, you will also benefit by connecting with and learning from other new moms, developing new friendships, and diminished feelings of isolation.  These unique relationships among mothers often continue on as your children grow up and develop into playgroups and informal support networks.  Ultimately, learning from other new moms that YOU ARE NOT ALONE can make a world of difference.  For a list of weekly discussion topics in a 6 week session, please click here.

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