upcoming sessions

All sessions are 6 weeks in length.  All groups take place at CocoonCare (409 W. Huron, Chicago).  Don’t forget to check out the weekly discussion topics.

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Currently open for registration

July session:  July 19 – August 23 (Wednesdays), 1:15-2:45pm.  Click here to register.

Upcoming sessions

August session:  August 10 – September 14 (Thursdays), 1:15-2:45pm.

September session (1st):  September 6 – October 11 (Wednesdays), 1:15-2:45pm.

September session (2nd):  September 19 – October 24 (Tuesdays), 1:15-2:45pm.

October session (1st):  October 2 – November 6 (Mondays), 1:15-2:45pm.

October session (2nd):  October 18 – November 22 (Wednesdays), 1:15-2:45pm.

November session:  November 2 – December 12 (Tuesdays), 1:15-2:45pm

If you are interested in participating in one of the upcoming sessions, please complete the form below and click Submit.